Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Australia


The Australia India Women Entrepreneurs Forum (AIWEF) is a Melbourne based not-for-profit organization. We help migrant and Australian women entrepreneurs overcome social and financial barriers to successfully launch and run their own businesses in both India and Australia. We strongly believe that women have a critical role to play in the society and with the right support and environment, they can be contributors to the development of not just their families but the economy.

Joining AIWEF provides innumerable opportunities for career enhancement, professional networking and global exposure. Let us take you through detailed benefits of the same.


promote Innovation

At AIWEF, we believe in encouraging innovation. Our members are given constant support and assistance to develop their innovative ideas.

Create opportunities for development

We create opportunities and projects with local Australian organizations for women entrepreneurs to develop their skills.

help launch your business

We identity barriers for women entrepreneurs and create projects to help them launch their businesses and overcome these barriers.


AIWEF liaises with state agencies and the government and collaborates with charitable trusts and NGOs in India and Australia to provide holistic development for women entrepreneurs from the marginalized sectors.

" Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women who have her Back "

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