Welcome to AIWEF

Hello everyone. I am Nildhara Gadani. I represent AIWEF – Australian Indian Women Entrepreneur Forum.

It is a not-for-profit group to promote entrepreneurship and professional excellence in women across India and Australia.
We hold casual, accessible and informative events, talks, seminars, training and workshops across the two countries on a variety of interest areas. Every member is encouraged to bring their expertise or interest to the forum and teach or train women; accountants teach money skills, scientist share science of things, business trainers teach business skills and so on with an aim to advance the social and economic situation of women and society. Our mission is to make women aware of their strengths, share their expertise in friendly joyful interactions breaking down social and cultural barriers. At the same time, these events also provide networking, exposure and expansion opportunities to the experts.


There is a quote, which says –

"Behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of women, who have her back."

I, Nildhara Gadani, the founder of AIWEF invite you to join our tribe.

Nildhara Gadani (Founder AIWEF)