February 14, 2018


Please fill the details as below. Once the form is submitted to one of AIWEF Board Members, we will review it and will be in touch should any other information is required. Request you to please print it off and submit it via email and bring a signed copy in our next meeting.

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Membership Survey Questions

Managing Personal Finance and BudgetingPersonality DevelopmentUnderstanding Tax and Accounting for Personal and BusinessExplore Success StoriesBusiness Planning and StrategyHealth, Fitness and Diet RegimeEntrepreneurship/Business OpportunitiesVolunteering OpportunitiesAnything else, not listed here

Membership Cost

Individual: $30Small to Mid-Size Businesses (Operating locally in Melbourne with 2-10 team members): $80.00 (Consecutive renewal will be $65 each year)Large size businesses (operating Nationally with 10+ team members): $150 (Consecutive renewal will be $130 each year)Organizations (operating In and outside of Australia): $250 (Consecutive renewal will be $210 each year)New Migrants: Free (for the first year of arrival in Australia)Students: Free (for the first year of joining only) All the applicable payments to be made by transferring cash into the AIWEF Bank Account. Commonwealth Bank of Australia-CBA Account Name: AIWEF BSB: 063165 Account Number: 10467007 (Please attach receipt with your application form prior to submission)

Membership Terms

For every event organized by AIWEF, a closing date for RSVP will be specified, all interested members are required to confirm the attendance to help with catering and facilitation purposes. For organization and business membership, each event can be attended by 2-3 members representation. If you would like to send more members to attend any specific event, we would request you to coordinate with core committee members/ organizing team prior to attending.

Member Code of Conduct

Members of the Australia India Women’s Entrepreneurs forum (AIWEF) are required to follow our Member Code of Conduct, based on fair, non-competitive and ethical business practices. Members are required to:

  1. A business that is registered as a member of AIWEF only such business can be advertised, if there are more than 1 business a member wants to advertise/market, it has to be consented by the core team member.
  2. Each member will represent AIWEF to the outside public, please ensure that all your dealings leave positive impression through transactions monetary or non-monetary. Only authorised and official literature produced by AIWEF should be used for wider circulation including its logo, etc.
  3. Each member to cooperate with AIWEF event set-up and wind up activities at-least once a year.
  4. Each member is expected to exercise fair and ethical behaviour, failing to abide by rules laid out, your membership can be terminated and access will be denied for any future networking events.

Membership Terms

A member may resign terminate their membership from AIWEF at any time. Any fees that has been paid will be non-refundable. After the expiry of the membership period and if membership has not been renewed, Membership will cease to exist. A member however can attend any event as a guest by paying casual fee, that may vary from event to event basis. Signing this membership application form is acceptance of all the contents and terms and conditions of the Member's Code of Conduct.

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